Phoenix New Times: Psywave

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Click this link: Top 10 Best Phoenix Bands Under 21 in 2015

“Psywave makes psych-pop and it’s quite good. The Attilio brothers Jacob and Andrew along Samantha Brigham make an upbeat and happy sound with quite haunting undertones but all together it comes off quite fun. They only currently have one song on Spotify, but it is absolutely worth a hard listen.” –Jeff MosesPhoenix New Times

I am very proud to share with you all that my band, Psywave, has made it onto the top 10 best Phoenix bands of 2015 (under 21 that is). Not only does this completely make my jaw drop to the floor, but it brings such joy knowing that there is a small percentage of the world out there who listens to us!

I also would love to take a moment and just congratulate my rock-star love, Andrew, for being on Phoenix’s top 10 bands for the second time. Previously and in his high school days he rocked alongside two young men, only a little bit older than him, in a band called Preacher Beak. These champs were legendary when it came to the PHX music scene. I have every ounce of confidence that these boys were genuine rockers and created a sound unlike any other. It takes some serious brains to form a sound that brings a pinch of classic rock with the simplest modern tones. Unfortunately and fortunately, we find other things that interest us and make other plans only to leave the old ones behind thus causing the split of the former indie-rock band, Preacher Beak.

So if you are reading this and you want to follow our journey as we create more psychedelic-pop sounds… give us a listen on Spotify or iTunes which can be found as links on the ‘About’ section of my blog. The article is a good read as well and is located at the top of this post. It features lots of local talents that are already a huge success in the valley.

Something that makes me smile daily is that making music with Andrew and Jake is always a complete blast and I couldn’t be thankful enough for these two boys. Both guys are musical geniuses who share the same passion for music as I do. Love them dearly. If you are interested in forming a band I highly suggest doing it with the people you enjoy every day because it only leads to great things. I’d love to see some comments and feedback on this thread about our music! If you have any questions or answerable statements, give me some buzz and I’ll do my best at giving you an answer. That’s it for now… stay tuned for this weeks post considering all things LOVE.

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